Photography Workshop

PilArt Photography Workshop

View over Paris at night with Eiffel Tower under moody sky by PilArt Fotografie

NEW!!! PilArt now offers photography workshops in small groups. In this one day course you will learn how to set your DSLR or system camera to get the result you are aiming for. You will start to understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. With the understanding of these three key parameters you immediately will gain creative control over your camera. It will become easy for you to separate elements from the background, get rivers or waterfalls to flow, create beautiful landscape photos with a lot of death. We also will learn how to avoid yellow or blue casts in your images when shooting in artificial light.

There will be a lot of hands on exercises that will help you to understand your camera better. They also will show you immediately the effect when changing the cameras settings.

Right now the classes are conducted in the German language, but workshops in English will be added soon. Just send me a quick note if you are interested and I’ll provide you with updated information and schedules.

The workshop takes place in the beautiful Weinland near Winterthur, therefore it’s quickly accessible from Zurich, Schaffhausen or Frauenfeld.

For now check out these classes here