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Your customized photography workshop in

greater Zurich


Photography is my passion. Over the years, I have experimented a great deal and gained a lot of experience. It would be a great pleasure for me to share this experience in a personal photography workshop with you. Our goal will be, that you learn to understand your DSLR or compact system camera. This will enable you to gain creative control over your camera, so you will be taking even better and more creative pictures. In this customized coaching you will obtain the essential tools that will help you to further develop your personal photography style. My main mission will be, that you never touch that green “Auto Function” dial on your camera ever again ;).

The coaching sessions will be highly customized to your needs. You will choose the content, time and location of your training. Zurich, Winterthur,  Schaffhausen would be ideal.


In personal photography coaching sessions and in a playful way, you will learn and start to understand the following:


1. Photography Coaching

  • Correct settings and setup of your camera
  • How to get tack sharp pictures
  • File formats RAW vs. JPEG
  • Picture size and quality
  • Camera functions
  • White balance (so you’ll never be the one anymore who shoots those yellow pictures in artificial light)
  • Different ways of focusing
  • Aperture / shutter speed
  • Depth of field (this is how your subject gets all the attention)
  • Exposure
  • Measuring exposure
  • Exposure compensation
  • ISO Sensitivity (how to still get a good picture in low light conditions without flash)
  • Framing you shot (spacing, foreground, perspective, picture variations)


2. Workshop: Photo Editing and Storage with Adobe Lightroom

I almost exclusively use Adobe Lightroom to store and post process my images. It is a very powerful tool and offers literally all you need to manage and retouch your pictures.

  • Color corrections
  • Exposure corrections
  • White balance corrections
  • Sharpening
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Properly managing and storing pictures
  • Add GPS data so all your pictures show up at the correct location on a map
  • How to create a photo book
  • And a lot more…


3. Workshop: First Steps Retouching Photos in Adobe Photoshop 

Photoshop is extremely versatile in the way it can be used. I’d be happy to teach you the essentials for retouching photographs. Things like removing distracting objects, combining several photos to a panorama, blending two different exposures to a single image, or adjusting individual color channels, are common tasks in photography. The possibilities are almost endless.


Requirements for Photography Coaching:

You have to enjoy photography and own a DSLR or compact system camera


Requirements for Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop Workshop:

You have a computer and own the licenses for the software



Fr. 75.- / h plus traveling expenses if the coaching takes place at your location.



I live near Winterthur, so Zurich to Schaffhausen are easily reachable.


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Gift Certificates:

Surprise someone special with a Gift Certificate for privat photography coaching or a full day group workshop. More information to the various Gift Certificate options are available here.


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